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Bees – not just for birthdays but for life

Who in the world doesn’t love bees? Everybody, that’s who (except a few pesky pesticide companies who hopefully will soon change their ways).

That must be one of the reasons why every woman I know loves the Alex Monroe bee necklace. It’s also pretty, wearable, slightly quirky, and looks as good with T shirt and jeans as with a party dress.

I’ve given this iconic piece of jewellery as a gift to two friends, for their 50th and 60th birthdays. One of them promptly bought one for her goddaughter’s birthday. And the other friend kindly gave it to me for my next birthday, as she knew I secretly wanted one!

Alex Monroe grew up in the wilds of Suffolk and was inspired by the natural world to create his first jewellery collection in 1987. Every piece is still designed and handmade in England by Alex and his team.

The bee necklace comes in several versions: the mid-sized Bumblebee is ideal for everyone, in rose gold plate, yellow gold plate, or silver. The solid gold Teeny Tiny Bee at £465 is beyond sweet (adorable on a charm bracelet too). If you’re splashing out, they have just brought out an 18 carat gold In Bee-tweeny Bee at £995.

Giving someone this lovely little bee shows you care about them. And wearing it shows you care about the future of the planet, and supporting a superb British business. Could there bee (sorry – couldn’t resist it!) a more beautiful gift?

My dear friends Nicky and Juliet in their birthday bees.