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3 cleansers that really work

Obviously I haven’t tried every cleanser in the world (yet) but here some I absolutely love. Like all the products I choose, they’re cruelty free and bursting with natural goodness. They all require double cleansing with a muslin cloth – as far as I’m concerned, that’s the only way to cleanse. I haven’t put a cotton pad near my face for about 25 years!

  • Dr Hauschka – this wonderful German brand has been going even longer than me – since the 1920s. Their two part cleanse is sensational: first, you use the creamy cleanser, next you deep cleanse and gently exfoliate with a granular cleanser. No need to rub or scrub – you just press it all over your face with a gentle rolling motion.
  • Micheline Arcier – Madame Arcier was one of the originators of aromatherapy. For years she had a tiny salon in London, sadly long gone. You can still buy a small range of her exceptionally high quality aromatherapy products online. In fact, I’ll stick my neck out (while I still can – it’s beginning to go) and say they’re the best in the world. Their lavender cleansing oil smells and feels so heavenly, you may be tempted to triple or even quadruple cleanse.
  • Emma Hardie – I’ve always believed in supporting local business and I’m happy to say the UK has lots of fantastic home-grown beauty brands to choose from. I was lucky enough to meet Emma several years ago and she is inspirational. She’s also a great believer in facial massage, so spend as long as you like massaging with her creamy, delicious smelling cleanser. It will leave your face soft and glowing – and that’s a promise!

TookyTip: good cleansers don’t come cheap. But you can economise by using a cheaper one first, just to remove make up and grime, then save the expensive one for the second cleanse and massage.