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Ta da! The best body brush I’ve ever found

I’ve been body brushing for over 25 years. Why? Well, your skin is your body’s largest organ and dry brushing is a quick, simple, cost effective way to keep it healthy. Here’s what it does for you:

  • Improves your skin tone and sheds those dead skin cells – who needs ‘em?
  • Stimulates your lymphatic system – lymph goes around the body taking away waste products and doing wonderfully fluid things. It deserves all the help it can get.
  • Boosts your circulation – helping blood flow into areas that can be sluggish and prone to cellulite, in my case thighs and upper arms (groan!).
  • Feels good and wakes you up – do it first thing in the morning.
  • Cheaper than buying exfoliating scrubs etc (although these are nice too).

You’d think making a simple wooden brush would be easy. But no. Over the years I’ve tried dozens and none of them ever felt quite right. Until Espa was founded in 1993. Since then, I’ve never used any other brush.

The cactus bristles are really hard, just as they should be. The wood is nice and smooth. The size is just right to fit comfortably in your hand. They used to come with a detachable back handle but presumably, like me, nobody bothered to use it. Not for skin brushing anyway – although it made a great paint stirrer.

Espa brushes cost around £18 each and last for around three months. That works out at about 20p a day. For all the health and beauty benefits it gives you, that’s a no brainer.

And skin brushing itself honestly couldn’t be easier. Basically, you start at your feet and keep going until you reach your head. Brush with long strokes in the direction of your heart. Don’t brush over sore or broken skin, boobs, neck or face (the skin’s too delicate – although I did spot a special facial brush on Instagram recently and will check it out).

After brushing for 2-5 minutes, step into the bath or shower to wash away those dear old skin cells with a little prayer to wish them on their way.

TookyTip: These bristles are seriously hard, so go gently until you get used to it. Don’t worry, it won’t take 25 years – just a couple of weeks!