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Just the January boost you need

I’ve written about Micheline Arcier before – and I’ll definitely do it again! This beautiful brand has been going since the 60s and was created by Madame Micheline Arcier, one of the founders of modern day aromatherapy. All the products are still hand blended to her original recipes, using the finest essential oils from around the world.

One of their blends is called Tonique and it comes as a bath oil, body oil, bath crystals (which double as a body scrub) and reed diffuser. They all contain essential oils of rosemary, sage and lemongrass. Just ordinary herbs, right? But they have some extraordinary benefits.

Rosemary – in traditional folk medicine, rosemary is used to relieve fatigue and mental strain. The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed rosemary improved the memory. Today there’s evidence to show it’s true. Research shows that the scent of rosemary oil helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain chemical vital for concentration. On top of that, rosemary also has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, as well as helping to boost your circulation.

Sage – this warming, comforting oil reduces inflammation, aids digestion, regulates periods, and is another powerful antioxidant that helps protect you from bacteria and wintery germs.

 Lemongrass – also known as citronella, this is a tall, leafy herb that grows naturally in warm, tropical countries, like Southern India and Sri Lanka, where its citrussy scent helps repel mosquitoes and insects. It also helps with stress and insomnia, reduces inflammation and soothes sore muscles.

Put them all together and you’ve got a beautiful blend that boosts low energy, clears your mind, stimulates your circulation, soothes sore muscles and wards off colds. Who could ask for more from a few simple essential oils? Absolute magic!