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Longing for Rain this summer

As part of my love of organic, plant based, ethical beauty, I’m always on the lookout for good natural perfumes. And thanks to Space NK’s Clean Decoded event, I’ve just discovered a range of sustainable scents I’m mad about.

It’s called Clean Reserve and I’ve just bought the perfume called ‘Rain’. Talk about perfect timing, as this is the first rainy day after weeks of non-stop heatwave. Phew!

‘Rain’ smells clean and refreshing, a bit like the park after this morning’s downpour. It contains fragrant floral notes, along with citrussy bergamot and warm vetiver (which is sourced from and provides valuable employment in Haiti). Its has quite a strong musky base note which comes from patchouli, but don’t worry, it’s doesn’t smell old hippyish. What I like is that it gives the scent staying power, without being overpowering (my pet hate in a perfume).

The scent comes in a stunning glass bottle with real oak cap (sustainably sourced, of course). Even Mr TookyB commented on how good it looked while taking the photo for me (thank you, darling!). It will add a touch of hygge to any bathroom or dressing table (I’m not sure if anyone still has one of those, but it’d be worth bringing them back, just to display these beautiful bottles).

Apparently Clean Reserve have been going since 2015 (I wish I’d discovered them sooner) and they’re squeaky clean in more ways than one. Each blend is formulated from high quality, sustainable ingredients, such as saffron, birch and wild moss. Their production line is powered by solar energy, they work with local communities, and their packaging is 100% recyclable – even the cellophane around the box.

Next up I think I’ll try Blonde Rose or Acqua Neroli – I love floral scents and these sound gorgeous.