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Super natural cold sore cure

Did you know that six out of 10 people in the UK suffer from the herpes simplex virus? That’s cold sores to you and me.

Usually the virus lies dormant. In an ideal world, it always would. But if you’re stressed, overtired or run down, then bing! You wake up with that tight dry feeling on your lip. And your heart sinks because you know you’re going to look and feel dreadful for at least a week.

Now help is at hand (or should I say at lip – sorry) in the form of Super Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment.

Its main ingredient is a type of amino acid called lysine, which is completely natural and really does help cold sores heal faster. For example, a study by the Southern California University of Health treated a group of cold sore sufferers with lysine. 40% were healed in 3 days and 87% in 6 days.

So as soon as you wake up with that ‘bing!’ feeling on your lip – even before you can see the sore – start applying the Super Lysine. I apply it at least five times a day, especially after eating and drinking, so there’s always some of the lysine working its magic. It’s quite oily so you only need a tiny bit. Apparently lysine supplements work well, too, but I’ve only ever used the cream and found it makes a huge difference.

Super Lysine+ is made by an American company called Quantum Health and you can buy it online. It’s worth buying a few while you’re there – one for your bathroom cupboard, one for your makeup bag, and one for luck. Bye for now!