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Revealed: three intensive hair masks

It’s not just grass that turned into straw this incredibly hot summer. My hair’s like the Sahara. It needs tons of TLC in the form of oil treatments and intensive masks.

You need to use a hair mask at least once a week and leave it on for around 20 minutes. In preparation for this intensive autumn blitz I’ve just treated myself to three new ones.

John Masters Organics – Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor

In the 70s and 80s, John Masters was a top hairdresser in NYC and Miami. In 1991 he launched his own range of organic hair products. And I’m glad he did because I’ve tried several of them and found them all brilliant.

This Hair Reconstructor contains soy protein and wheat amino acids to strengthen your hair and make it shinier. It also has linolenic and hyaluronic acids (which are found in your own hair) along with honey, hibiscus and 16 other plant extracts and oils. This mask not only restores damaged hair, it’s great at keeping your scalp clear and healthy.

It comes in a tube rather than a jar, so has a nice light consistency that rinses out easily and doesn’t leave your hair all oily and weighted down. My hair felt silkier and full of joie de vivre – it also smelt divine. Another big tick for John Masters!

PHB Ethical Beauty – Monoï de Tahiti

PHB is a British, family run business that apparently offers the world’s largest range of vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free beauty products. They’re handmade in the UK. And 20% of net products go to their charity

So far so good!

If you’ve never heard of Monoi de Tahiti, don’t worry, neither had I. Apparently it’s an ancient Polynesian tradition (cue soft ukulele strumming) where gardenia flowers are handpicked then infused in coconut oil to create a fragrant beauty oil renowned for its soothing, softening and strengthening qualities. I’m sold already!

The standout benefit of this mask is that gardenia scent – it is beyond gorgeous. I’d follow it to the ends of the earth, let alone the ends of the hair. The mask itself is quite paste-like and not that rich, so you need to slather lots on. It did leave my hair softer and I think this is one where the benefits will build up if you use it regularly (with a smell as good as that, I will!)

Ogario London – Restore and Shine Hair Masque

What’s not to like about lavender and sage? Absolutely nothing. Which is great, because they’re the key ingredients in this lovely hair mask (masque even) from Ogario London. This niche British brand was created in an Islington hair salon. After buying mine, I found out it already has a rave review on The Beauty Bible, so if you’d rather read theirs than mine, here it is:

Still with me? Thank you! So, this mask is called Restore and Shine and it does exactly what it says on the jar. It has a rich consistency which left my hair supersoft and glossy but not sticky. Like all three masks, it smelt flowery and herby and planty and delicious. It’s so important to me that beauty products smell good – it’s one of the best things about natural, organic beauty.

I’m happy with all my new masks and will be using every last scrap of them to restore my hair to its crowning glory this autumn.